Free Recruiting is a free educational service offered by the Recruiting Education Foundation, Inc. that provides answers to common questions concerning the collegiate athletic recruiting process for high school student-athletes and their parents

In an effort to supply further benefits to our members, we have provided the following links to educate student-athletes and their parents about the prospect of athletics beyond Plant.

The NCAA website encompasses everything relating to NCAA athletics. The Guide of the College-Bound Athlete is especially informative.  

The NJCAA website promotes junior college athletics. The NJCAA offers 3 divisions like the NCAA.  

The NAIA is an association that represents approximately 300 small universities and colleges in the United States. While the NCAA and NJCAA have 3 divisions of competition, the NAIA has no separate divisions.

For further information, please visit Plant’s guidance webpage to

(1) view NCAA eligibility requirements;

(2) to utilize the software program, CoreCourseGPA, which will track collegiate academic eligibility; and

(3) to register with the eligibility center for participation in NCAA-Division I and II level. Division III does not require NCAA Eligibility Center certification or offer scholarships.